Rafael Nadal unlikely to retire any time soon as long as he remains injury-free, says coach Carlos Moya

Rafael Nadal enjoying that one

Rafael Nadal has no plans to retire just yet, according to his coach Carlos Moya, as long as he remains injury-free.

Nadal won two Grand Slam titles in 2019, as well as finishing the year as the oldest ever year-end world number one, underlining the fact he remains one of the best players in the world despite his age.

Questions of retirement tend to follow Nadal and his greatest rival Roger Federer around, though, but Moya doesn’t see that happening any time soon.

When asked by Las Provincias when Nadal will likely retire, Moya said: “[I] do not [know]. For me, Rafael Nadal remains for a while.

“He is playing well and [without] injury. When you combine all of that, he will remain for a while.”

Nadal has achieved just about everything imaginable in a stellar career a far, leaving relatively few goals remaining.

However, one accolade conspicuous by its absence on his record is an ATP Finals title, but Moya hopes Nadal can tick that box before he hangs up his racket.

“It was a pity,” Moya said of last year’s tournament which saw Nadal fail to make it into the knock-out stage.

“In that tournament he [was] penalised [for] a bad game, the first against [Alexander] Zverev.

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“Then he had two excellent ones that weren’t enough to qualify.

“It was positive to know that he is still to win that competition.”

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