Roger Federer on BBC role, being mistaken for Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray ‘being born to tell dad jokes’

Roger Federer interview at Wimbledon

Roger Federer fans were treated to a Twitter question and answer session on Tuesday by the man himself and the 20-time Grand Slam winner did not disappoint with some of his replies.

The tennis great has been a very busy man since retiring in September last year as he has attended one high-profile event after another. Meanwhile he has kept a low profile on the social media platform.

But he finally broke his Twitter Q&A drought as he answered questions from fans and the first one was pretty straightforward as he was quizzed about what he misses most from his playing days.

“Feeling great nowadays, thanks! What I miss most: having a spontaneous dinner out on tour with friends after a match or practice. And of course the big stadiums, fans and the thrill of it all,” he replied.

Federer has been linked with a commentating role with the BBC at Wimbledon this year with the story dominating headlines over the past two months

But he confirmed that he won’t be doing any commentating this year.

Although it doesn’t close the door on him doing it in future as it was pointed out he used the words “this year”.

Of course there were many questions about his great rival Rafael Nadal, who will miss this year’s French Open due to his long-standing hip injury.

When asked if he has any words for the “sad” Rafa fans, he replied: “I’m with you. but I’m happy for him that he’s giving himself the necessary time so that he can come back healthy and make a few more magical runs.”

Does he miss playing against Rafa?

And the answer was: “Yes and no 😉”

As for his favourite match against the 22-time Grand Slam, Federer joked: “RG 2008. Those 4 games were awesome. 😉”

He was of course referring to his 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 loss at the hands of the Spaniard in the final.

Will he miss Nadal at the French Open?

“Yes I will miss seeing him play. French Open + @RafaelNadal = one of the most incredible records in history of all sports.”

He was then asked to share a funny story of the first time you’ve been mistaken for someone else 👀 and replied: “Happened the other day at the Formula 1. A guy asked ‘Can i have a picture with you Mr Nadal?’. I told him I wasn’t Mr Nadal. He apologized and left without taking a picture. 😂”

So who tells the best dad jokes between himself, Rafa, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray?

“@andy_murray was born to tell dad jokes and then not smile after,” was the reply.

He also revealed he would have liked to play against Bjorn Borg, confirmed he will attend this year’s Laver Cup in Vancouver while there was also some general tennis training tips.

“In tennis, there is so much you always want to improve. there are so many incredible details. you have to be selective and methodical in how you go about it,” he said. “A great coach helps you prioritize what to work on in what order, and what the end goal should be over the next 1/3/5 years. wanting to improve everything at once can be a trap, so sometimes simplifying things works best.”

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