It won’t happen overnight, but Roger Federer says ‘incredible player’ will break Big Three’s Grand Slam record

Roger Federer press conference

Many have wondered if tennis will ever see a player dominate the sport like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, but the former is convinced someone new will come along, eventually.

The Big Three of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have ruled tennis for more than two decades and they jointly hold the record for most Grand Slams as they each have won 20 while also claiming numerous other milestones.

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When asked during a GQ Magazine interview if we will ever see this era of champions again, Federer said: “I think yes. I feel like nowadays – and this is not to take anything away from Rafa, Novak or myself, for that matter – but, you know, I feel like it’s easier to dominate through the different surfaces nowadays.

“Back in the day, yes, we did have three grass-court events, but maybe the margins were slimmer. I feel like there were hard-court players, clay-court players and there weren’t so many players who could play on all surfaces.

“Sure, [Bjorn] Borg did it, but things were different. Players weren’t chasing one Slam after another like they are today and record after record. Nowadays such a strategy is much more part of your career.

“So, yes, a new, incredible player will, I believe, break our run of 20 Grand Slams eventually – but not overnight!”