Roger Federer news: Swiss maestro issues intriguing injury update

Roger Federer press conference

Roger Federer’s future has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks, but it seems reports of his imminent retirement may have been wide of the mark.

Rumours have been swirling suggesting the former world No 1 may be close to announcing the end of his glorious career, as he looked to make a comeback from his latest knee operation at the age of 40.

Yet the 20-time Grand Slam champion hasn’t given up on his hopes of one final push for glory on court, as he offered these comments on his current physical condition.

“To give you a little bit of an update maybe I have I think a very interesting and important next sort of months ahead of me,” Federer said at a Credit Suisse event.

“I feel like I will know a whole lot more coming April, you know, where my body is going to be like.

“Until now, I wasn’t really allowed to run yet and do the heavy workloads with jumps and stop and goes. So I hope that that’s all going to start hopefully in a couple of weeks. And then we’ll see how the body will react to that.

“So I think this question is better answered maybe by April or May, but for now of course the drive is there, I’m really motivated to do my work when I’m allowed to do.

“I did it all again this morning, I’m back in the gym again tomorrow. I’m working as hard as I’m allowed to so it’s still good times even though it’s a little bit slow because I would love to do way more but the doctors and everybody’s holding me back a little bit.”

Former world No 1 Justine Henin told Tennis365 that Federer faces a tough battle to return to the top of the game, as she admits the history he has made in the game alongside his great rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic means his legacy as an all-time great has long since been secure.

“We will see and we all hope, but we also know it is going to be very difficult,” Henin told Tennis365 in her role as a Eurosport analyst.

“It doesn’t change anything at the end, does it? They (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) made history and one day they will stop. That is the only we know. They will stop tennis one day.

“I hope they are going to stay in shape. I wouldn’t like to see them in big trouble and they can be competitive when they play.

“If they come back it is because they have the feeling they can do something and with Roger, it is still too early to say.”