Roger Federer welcomes ‘shift’ in tennis as younger players step up to plate

Roger Federer interviewed

Roger Federer admits that titles are getting harder to win, but younger players deserve credit for that rather than it being a sign of the established stars fading.

19 different players have already won ATP titles in 2019, with 13 women claiming WTA crowns.

That has lead to some claiming it as evidence that the older players are on the decline, but Federer offers another perspective.

“Definitely says something about (how) there is shifting going on, on both tours,” Federer told reporters on Wednesday.

Maybe harder to dominate. Or it’s harder to keep on, sort of, having the same winners.

“And the young guys are really pushing through, which is a thing we’ve been looking at for some time now.

“It’s just not easy winning tournaments, and it seems easier for them now, which is good.

“And it doesn’t mean the other people are not as good. It’s just that there is a shifting going on.”

Despite that ‘shift’, Federer remains hopeful he has a few more titles in him yet – starting with Miami.

“It’s exciting to have won that many and to have gotten another chance in Indian Wells.

It was a pity [to lose to Dominic Thiem in the final], but it’s how it goes, so I just have to keep plugging away and hopefully give myself some opportunities.

“The important thing is to be healthy, happy playing and that’s exactly how I feel right now sitting here in Miami.”

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