Roger Federer ‘will need to rely on Dominic Thiem to keep his records,’ says French Open winner

Dominic Thiem and Roger Federer

Roger Federer will need help from Dominic Thiem if he is to hold onto his records, says Marc Rosset.

Thiem won the US Open earlier this month to claim his first major title, and he will be expected to compete for the Roland Garros title in the next three weeks too.

And that may be a timely boost for Roger Federer, who is starting to see his records being eaten into the Nadal and Djokovic.

Federer’s own powers are finally on the wane, meaning he will likely need to rely on someone else to stop them from besting him, and Thiem looks like the only one able to fit the bill right now.

“Let’s be honest: [Thiem] is Roger Federer’s best ally today,” Rosset, who won the men’s doubles at Roland Garros in 1992, told the Swiss press.

“If the Master hopes to keep some of his records, he will have to count on Thiem in the next few years.”

Men’s tennis has become so dominated by the big three in the last decade and a half that Thiem was the first man to take a Grand Slam title from them in six years.

Now, though, according to Rosset, the ‘curse’ has been broken and Thiem can emulate another great champion.

“[He] can become the Andy Murray of the 2020s and finally defeats the curse,” he said.

“We are counting on him to continue his momentum and confirm that he is indeed a great champion by going on to defeat Nadal and Djokovic on their surfaces.”

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