Roger Federer’s agent reveals the incredible sum his client has given to charity

Roger Federer interview

Roger Federer’s agent Tony Godsick has revealed his star client has given away close to $50m to his chosen charities over the course of his career.

In an interview with, Godsick gave an insight into working with the 20-time Grand Slam champion, as he suggested the good-guy image Federer has carried throughout his career is entirely justified.

“As good a tennis player as he is, he’s a better person, and I get to see a lot more than the average fan gets to see of him,” stated Godsick.

“I sit on the board of his foundation, and it’s really interesting to see how engaged he is, and the amount he cares. By this year, he’ll have given away $50 million.

“I’ve managed him now for years and had a front row seat to history. But it’s also working with a great person who participates in this business, is really a kind person and generally thinks about other people first. He loves to communicate, which makes my job as his agent a lot easier. [He’s] got a great family. It’s been incredible.

“I think there’s a lot of agents who feel like they created the player, or something, and I fully realise that I’m very lucky. I don’t know how much I’ve added to his career, but I know I haven’t hurt his career. And so for that part, I feel great.”

When asked what the tennis afterlife may hold for Federer, Godsick suggested he could be a huge influence in the business world.

“I just think he’ll be more successful (when he retires),” he added. “I’ve had the great opportunity to sit in meetings with him many times. He is strategically brilliant. He can take something very complex, listen to other people, and to process it and come up with a very thoughtful, simple answer that seems to generally make sense. Those are qualities very few people have.

“He’ll be successful whatever he tries to do, whether it’s his foundation, whether it’s running an organisation or just being the local leader at his kids’s school, because he just has this incredible ability to interact with people. And people haven’t really got a chance to interact with Roger, because even though he’s approachable—maybe more approachable than any player in history—he’s also pretty reserved.

“I think as his career slows down and he has an opportunity to be part of different events, he’s going to meet people, interact with more people. And, I think he’ll have the opportunity to do things he probably never imagined.”

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