WATCH: Roger Federer’s most glorious shots that won over his fans’ hearts

Roger Federer celebrates

The up-and-coming 19-year-old Holger Rune spoke about his idol- retired legend Roger Federer. The Dane expressed his feelings about his hero by saying that Federer is ‘the most elegant player ever.’  Unfortunately for the youngster, he never got the chance to face his idol, which is something that he will always regret.

However, the 19-year-old was lucky enough to get a taste of Federer’s excellence after practicing with him at the Nitto finals in 2019. Although it wasn’t as exhilarating as it would have been to face the tennis legend, the rising star would have still had a dream come true- to hit with the great Federer. 

“Roger Federer. I practiced with him at the Nitto finals in 2019 but never played a match against him. He is the most elegant player I have ever seen on a tennis court so I think I would be very inspired by playing against him.” Said Rune.

Rune is an aspiring tennis player looking to push himself to the very top to fulfil his childhood dreams. He is an exciting player to watch, and the fans are waiting in anticipation to see what he becomes.

“I dream big. Since I was six years old, I wanted to become the best player in the world and win multiple grand slams and the Olympics. This dream hasn’t changed.” Said Rune.

 The star is focused on not only his career success but also the tennis world’s success. He is adamant about making tennis a more youth-friendly sport to grow the audience and their love for the sport.

 “I think for the future there will have to be changes in order to keep the younger audience hot and for tv. Maybe shorter matches by cutting away one serve or do no add on 40 all points, net serve could count as a serve, shorter breaks between points or something like that. “Said Rune. 

Rune’s eagerness to keep the game alive is respectful towards Federer and everything he did for the tennis community. By keeping the game alive, he honours the Swiss legend’s legacy, and passes over his hunger for the game, just like Federer did for him.  

See some of Federer’s greatest shots below:

Having an idol like Federer has had a major impact on not just Rune, but the whole tennis community. The ex-Swiss legend has set a very high bar for other players to strive for, as his professionalism and hard work has inspired players to be more like him.

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The Danish star is already making his mark in the tennis world, having earned himself a spot in the top ten after his exciting finish last year. However, he has not lived up to expectations early this year, but he has had a solid performance on the clay. Nevertheless, the Dane has the talent and ability to make some good noise in the current season, and will be looking to make his idol proud.