Serena Williams and Coco Gauff clash over controversial rule

Coco Gauff Australian Open 2024

The official instructions for UNO’s “Draw 2” rule indicate that players are not permitted to stack them, which has caused a conflict between Serena Williams and Coco Gauff.

Williams thinks it’s the correct thing to do, but Gauff won’t abide by UNO’s decision in this case.

The “Draw 2” rule in UNO has been the subject of intense discussion on the internet for many years.

Many players disagree with the official stance, arguing that one “Draw 2” card can be played over another “Draw 2” card.

Recently, Factsdailyy, an Instagram account, shared a new post on the rule, igniting yet another debate.

“Take note that you can only put down one card at a time; you cannot stack two or more cards together on the same turn. For example, you cannot put down a Draw Two on top of another Draw Two, or Wild Draw Four during the same turn, or put down two Wild Draw Four cards together,” the account wrote.

Williams and Gauff joined in on the fun as the post went viral. Strongly disbelieving and refusing to budge on this stciky issue, Gauff even teased that UNO should have kept the rule to themselves rather than spoiling all the fun.

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“Gurl. Uno lemme tell you a piece of advice. Some things you just need to keep to yourself cuz no… I repent! I refuse!” Gauff wrote.

Williams, was elated as the confirmation of the official rule acted as a vindication for her.

She claimed that she has been telling people the same thing all along and now had the backing of the maker.

“I been told y’all,” Serena Williams wrote.

Gauff has admitted that she owes her career to the emergence of Serena Williams.

More than just a formative inspiration, Gauff has also found Williams’ matches to be a muse to her in many ways.

She was really struck with how Williams and Maria Sharapova bounced back from losses in huge matches and came back for more.

“I watched these matches growing up and watching Serena (Williams) and watching (Maria) Sharapova lose these matches,” Gauff said in Melbourne.

“When you’re in it, it feels like the end of the world but then when you look at history, they didn’t let one match define their career.”

Gauff feels that the Williams sisters are the sole reason that she got into the sport.

“Crazy. They’re the reason why I have this trophy today,” she said after her US Open triumph.

“To be honest, they’ve allowed me to believe in this dream. Growing up, there wasn’t too many just Black tennis players dominating the sport. It was literally at that time when I was younger, it was just them that I can remember.”

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