Serena Williams admits she is ‘not a fan’ of the shot clock

Serena Williams pensive

Serena Williams admits she is not really in favour of the use of shot clocks at tennis matches.

The latest innovation was introduced at the start of the US Open hard-court series as officials look to speed up play.

Players only have 25 seconds from the end of one point to the serve of the next and there is a clock on court to count down the time. Should they go over the 25 seconds then they could be fined.

Several top players are not too fussed and Williams is one of them, but then again she doesn’t like having a clock on the court.

“I’m not a fan of it at all, but you know it doesn’t affect me at all,” the American said after she won her opening match at the Cincinnati Masters.

“I’m just not a fan because I play so much faster than the shot clock that when I first played with it, I felt like I had to play faster and I don’t, really.

“So I just need to still play at whatever pace I play at even if it says 20 seconds right before I’m about to serve.”