Serena Williams confirms plans to play Rome and Roland Garros

Serena Williams will “definitely” play Rome and Roland Garros, she has confirmed.

The former world number one and Grand Slam legend has struggled for fitness after taking a year out to have her first child.

She struggled badly in the Miami Open, losing in the first round 6-2 6-3 to Naomi Osaka, and she admits it gave her a cold reality check.

However, she has stepped up her fitness program following that tournament, and is now ready to try again.

“I feel like since Miami, I’ve made a ton of progress, but who knows,” Williams the New York Times. “I’ll have to see when I get out there to play a match.

“I always have to be ready, but I have to be even more ready because who knows who I can play early, or first or second. So I really have to be super-super-ready, so that’s kind of what I’ve been working on.

“I feel like I set my expectations incredibly high, and I feel like after Miami, I wanted to get more, not realistic expectations, but more reasonable expectations for me, so took some time off and then started training a lot.”