Tennis Today: British star describes Serena Williams sexism claims as ‘far-fetched’

Michael Graham
Serena Williams rages at referee
Serena Williams rages at referee

In Tennis Today, more and more people are having their say on the Serena Williams sexism claims, while Naomi Osaka is just being borderline annoyingly adorable. 

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First things first: It was Goran Ivanisevic’s birthday. Around here, we love birthdays and we love Goran Ivanisevic, so there was only one appropriate response really, as regular readers will know.

So here is out version of the birthday bumps: 10 brilliant facts about Goran Ivanisevic. 

Away from the wonderful Goran, Naomi Osaka and that US Open final continue to dominate the headlines.

Osaka, though, has said that she doesn’t feel sad about it, so may be we can all stop too.

And why would she feel sad, when she used to be this adorable. Must-see video of a young Naomi Osaka right here.

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Jamie Murray has dismissed Serena Williams’ claims of sexism at the US Open as ‘far-fetched’ insisting that the American’s ‘overboard’ reaction left umpire Carlos Ramos fully within his rights to issue the code violations that he did.

The Brit, who won the mixed doubles title at Flushing Meadows was talking to BBC Sport about the row that has engulfed tennis, but he is adamant that Serena Williams should take responsibility for her own actions.

“I think that’s a bit far-fetched,” said Murray of Williams’ claim that women are treated differently by umpires compared to men. “I think the umpire, he did what was within his rights.

“Coaching is common, a lot of people are doing it, some people aren’t getting called for it.

“To get called in a grand slam final was perhaps a bit tight, but I think the reaction was pretty overboard.

“I’ve seen a lot of people get called for coaching before, and you might have a grumble and stuff, but you get on with it.”

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Not all Serena Williams cartoons are met with disapproval.


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Amazing sketch of @serenawilliams (and @olympiaohanian!) … But where’s @realqaiqai?? Artist: @peniel_enchill

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Gustavo Kuerten is feeling nostalgic.

Francis Tiafoe officially joins the ‘we love the Davis Cup’ camp.

Novak Djokovic is feeling emotional.


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Before I share with you my deepest thoughts, I wanted to THANK YOU for your love and support during the hard times, and also during these good times. It means the world to me and I know it wasn’t easy to stick around when things were uncertain. So thank you! _ UnBELIEVEable is usually the most common way to explain extraordinary success.. To me, that expression negates the most powerful emotion that one can have – BELIEF. All this time, belief is what pushed me through moments of doubt, pain, uncertainty. I was stuck at some point and overwhelmed by a plethora of information. And the results were not showing. Everybody offered their opinions and advice on what to do and what was happening to me, and I can’t say I didn’t hear any of it. I did. I got confused at times. But there was one thing that kept me up, kept me going: Belief in myself, my abilities, my skills and talent, and my resilience. Belief that I am meant to do this. _ The biggest takeaway from these fantastic past few months is that UNBELIEVABLE doesn’t exist. Limits do not exist. When you see it in your mind, you can achieve it in life. When you show up with your courage, confidence and belief, you are already a winner despite the actual result. Your character prevails and you build your habits and your habits bring you one step closer to your goals. So my friends, embrace adversity and trust in the power of belief.. it can take you anywhere 💪 Love to all. Idemooo #USOpen

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