Stefanos Tsitispas fires back at criticism of his work ethic by former fitness coach

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Stefanos Tsitsipas shouts in a match in Indian Wells 2024
Stefanos Tsitsipas reacts during a match

Stefanos Tsitsipas has asserted that all he does is “live and breathe tennis” as he defended himself from criticism of his work ethic by his former fitness coach Christos Fiotakis.

The world No 11 described Fiotakis’ comments as “a little strange” and appeared to take a swipe at his fellow Greek by expressing his intention to have people in his team “who are more specialised in tennis.”

Tsitsipas parted ways with Fiotakis following last month’s French Open, where he was beaten in the quarter-finals by eventual champion Carlos Alcaraz. The fitness coach had worked with Tsitsipas for several years, before joining in a full-time role ahead of the 2024 season.

After Roland Garros, Fiotakis confirmed he had ended his collaboration with Tsitsipas and did not hold back in questioning his compatriot’s dedication.

“We have other priorities and I am not satisfied with Stefanos’ work ethics,” he told SDNA. “Right now, I don’t think his ultimate focus is on playing tennis and getting to the top of the rankings or winning Grand Slams.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas slammed over his work ethic and priorities by his former fitness coach

Tsitsipas will face world No 84 Taro Daniel in his opening round match at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships on Tuesday.

Ahead of his appearance at the All England Club, Tsitsipas addressed the recent criticism from his former team member.

“Anyway, our last written agreement expired after Roland Garros and we would see if we could continue,” Tsitsipas explained in an interview with SDNA. “We had made a contract from the beginning of January until the end of Roland Garros.

“It was his decision to come out and say what he said. I work hard every day and when I hear someone say that I’m not putting in the work and that I’m not dedicated and focused on what I’m doing, it seems a little strange to me.

“All I do all day is live and breathe tennis. Others may have a different view of what I do, I won’t go against it. It is his right to believe anything about me.

“I have higher expectations from the Roland Garros quarter-finals and I really believe that I can achieve more. Just because I didn’t make it this year doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I will try to have people next to me who are more specialised in tennis.”

Asked whether he has appointed a replacement for Fiotakis, Tsitsipas replied: “No, it’s me and my father.

“Anyway, I never needed a trainer at the tournaments and it’s something I’ve said from the beginning, that I don’t need to travel with a trainer to the events.

“For me, the fitness work has to be done in preparation, in the week before I leave for the tournament. If there is anything more to add, then this can be done in a gap that may exist before the tournament starts or on a day off.

“This, of course, can also be done by the physiotherapist, who usually has little knowledge of fitness and all he can do is follow a program that will be given to him.”

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