Stefanos Tsitsipas impressed and inspired by Jim Courier

Stefanos Tsitsipas in action

Stefanos Tsitsipas has let it be known that he is impressed and inspired by the tennis commentary of Jim Courier.

Tsitsipas suffered an early exit at Indian Wells and it seems that he has been watching tennis in his downtime.

Courier really made an impression on Tsitsipas who took to social media to share his thoughts.

“Jim Courier’s tennis commentary is a pleasure to listen to. His impressive combination of understanding, analysis, empathy, and humility is always backed by thorough preparation. He breaks down the game in a way that’s both impressive and inspiring,” Tsitsipas wrote.

Tsitsipas has tried to stay humble as he learns to cope with losing big matches.

After his Australian Open loss, Tsitsipas shared that he feels he can learn a lot from being defeated.

Tsitsipas hopes that he will be able to get one over on the big names before they retire.

“Novak is a player that pushes you to your limits,” he said.

“I don’t see this as a curse. I don’t see this as something, like, annoying. This is very good for the sport, to have competitors like him, to have champions like him.

He’s very important for us that want to get to his point one day. Getting our asses kicked is for sure a very good lesson every single time.

He has made me a much better player. He has made my levels of concentration higher and higher every single time I get to play him. You have to be really involved and you have to be dedicated to the game when you play against him.

I find it a very important part of my career, to have a player like him that will help me grow better and do bigger things, speaking for my game.”

He feels that it is an honour to be involved in the era of all-time greats.

“I think we’re blessed that we have three big champions like this.

“I don’t want to give the whole title to him, because I believe there are other players that have contributed a lot, and they’re the main reason I am here today as well.

“Novak is one of them, too. I’ve been watching him as a kid, as well. I really liked the way he did things on the court with his game.

“But, yeah, I definitely meant it. He has earned it with so much dedication that he has put in, with so much professionalism in his everyday life. It’s a wake-up call for me to sort of do the same. I can only learn from that. I can only use that for my benefit. I’m blessed that I get the opportunity to do that.

In today’s world with social media, all the information you can extract, the news is this us actually the best era to be playing tennis.”

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