Exclusive – Big boost for LTA coaches in the UK as they are handed SwingVision technology


The LTA’s army of coaches across the UK are set to have their armoury enhanced after the governing body for British tennis signed a deal that will see SwingVision subscriptions handed out free of charge.

SwingVision is the revolutionary app that allows tennis players of all standards to analyse their performance, with a wide range of data available immediately after a match, practice session or coaching lesson.

Backed by former players Andy Roddick and James Blake, SwingVision lets you experience tennis like the pros, with stroke type, spin type and ball speed all analysed.

Shot placement, contact points and rally length are also given the professional analysis treatment, while key points can be edited after matches for upload to social media platforms.

The LTA considered several apps to add to their collection of partnership, with Jo‑Anne Downing, the LTA’s product and programme manager, telling Tennis365 that SwingVision was a clear winner.

“Swing Vision have a partnership with Tennis Australia and the USTA and we felt it was right for us to work with them as well,” Jo-Anne told us.

“All accredited plus coaches in the UK will get a free subscription and LTA Advantage Members will get a discount on the app, so we feel this is a good deal for tennis players in this country.

“We want to engage new audiences, find fun ways to excite people about the game and the use of technology is a good way of doing that.”

Devised by designers who have experience working with Tesla, SwingVision requires users to attach their camera to the fence behind their match with a relatively cheap camera hook.

That opens the door to statistical data that is similar to the information that is provided during and after each match on the ATP and WTA Tours, with this kind of data hugely beneficial for players at all levels of the game.


“It gives you speed on your serves, how many were delivered with spin, how many were flat,” added Jo-Anne.

“SwingVision also offers line-calling for key points, so if you have played a match and were not sure about a line call from your opponent, you can look back afterwards and see if they were right.

“We feel this is an affordable way for tennis players to add something new to their game and it is like having your own personal tennis coach with that level of analysis.

“In addition, if your coach cannot be there when you are playing a match, you could record the match and send the information afterwards that could be useful for your next coaching session.”

SwingVision is breaking new ground in tennis analysis and now the LTA has given it an endorsement that is certain to boost its presence in the UK market.