Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend Morgan Riddle is a big tennis influencer after Netflix exposure

Morgan Riddle
Morgan Riddle

Tennis received a big boost from the Netflix series Break Point and Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend Morgan Riddle has gained plenty of social media followers on the back of her prominent appearance in the show.

The American tennis power couple took centre stage in the Netflix show that focused on the inner workings of the tennis tour.

Now she has gathered plenty of additional followers on social media, with her Instagram account boasting 131k followers and she is also a big hit on TikTok.

The glamorous Morgan has also turned herself into a prolific YouTuber, serving up videos on fashion tips for her fans as well as behind-the-scenes footage from her trips away with Taylor.

World No 10 Fritz has suggested Morgan is making tennis cool with some of her social media activity, as he suggests the sport needs stories for the fans to follow.

“Promoting tennis on my social was never really actually a goal that I had in mind, it kind of just happened,” Riddle told Express Sport.

“Being on the tour and travelling so much with Taylor it was just sharing my life, because I started doing social media full time about a year ago.

“We were going to so many matches every week and so a lot of my content just happened to be around tennis.

“Then I had this one really popular TikTok about the tennis tour that I honestly kind of just posted for fun but it got a lot of views and kind of branded me as this person who’s making tennis popular and I kind of just went ahead and rolled with that.”

Morgan’s glamorous lifestyle on the tennis tour is not what she set out to achieve in her career, as she has plenty of qualifications of her own.

“I went to college in New York City, I was an English Literature major, I did like eight internships in college, just tried a bunch of stuff,” she added.

“I got my New York real estate agent licence when I was 19. I was a media director for an apparel company and then for a video game company before I started doing social media full-time.

“Doing social media full-tile was not intended at all. I did a post during Taylor’s first match at the Australian Open (in 2021) on TikTok and that ended up just blowing up overnight.

“I think it got 1.2 million views overnight and that’s just honestly how I fell into doing social media full time, it was never my goal really to be an influencer.

“I also just started a YouTube channel where I’m posting weekly vlogs that are just behind the scenes of life on the tennis tour so behind the scenes of matches and player dining is like and what the different cities are like and what the different fans are like.

“And I’m hoping that will kind of just bring people a little further into what the actual lifestyle and day-to-day is for people who are travelling full-time on the tour.”

Riddle shot to prominence in the tennis world when she described the sport played by her partner as ‘relatively unknown’, in comments that divided opinion.

“I know that tennis is relatively uncool and unknown in America, so here’s what you should know,” said the model who grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Unlike most sports, tennis is a year-round sport except for four weeks off in December.

“Players compete in tournaments in 31 countries in cities like Dubai, Paris, Shanghai, London, Rome, Cabo, and many more.

“What are they playing for? Besides glory and hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money, players are competing for points.”

Tennis needs compelling characters to bring new interest into the sport and Morgan is certainly providing some great talking points for her army of admirers as she has become of the most prominent tennis influencers.

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