Tennis legend admires Novak Djokovic but can’t defend his vaccine stance

Novak Djokovic speaks to the media

Martina Navratilova has spoken about about the controversy currently surrounding Novak Djokovic and has admitted although she admires him, she believes he should have “taken one for the team” and got the vaccine.

Djokovic had his cancelled visa revoked earlier today following an appeal hearing, meaning he is no longer being detained and held at the Park Hotel in Melbourne and at the moment doesn’t have to leave Australia, so he could still have the chance to defend his Australian Open title.

The Serbian was due to be deported when his visa was cancelled on arrival to the country but Djokovic and his lawyers began legal proceedings which has lead to the decision being overturned, but that isn’t the end of the saga as the Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke could still exercise a personal power of cancellation of his visa.

Navratilova, widely considered to be a legend of the game, is struggling to understand why the world No 1 chose not to get vaccinated.

“It’s unbelievable, what a saga, it could have been avoided – I just wish Novak had taken that vaccination to begin with,” the 18 time Grand Slam winner told Good Morning Britain.

“I admire him so much but I can’t defend the choice to not get vaccinated, you have to take one for the team.

“We’re in such close contact in the locker rooms, I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated – you really need to be more aware of everybody else.”

Djokovic’s decision not to get vaccinated is no longer just speculation but it has been confirmed in transcripts from his appeal hearing – when asked by the interviewer if he was vaccinated for Covid-19, he replied “I am not vaccinated.”

Therefore, the 20 time Grand Slam winner was seeking to get into Australia on a medical exemption as he claims he tested positive for the virus on December 16.

This story is far from over as the saga rumbles on, Djokovic could be playing in the Australian Open or he could be kicked out of the country.

With just a week to go until the season opening Grand Slam, only time will tell.

The Australian Open gets underway from January 17.