The Tennis Mentor comes to Tennis365 and here is his first lesson


He has become one of the most respected voices on the increasingly popular tennis social media networks and now the Tennis Mentor is on Tennis365.

Ashley Neaves has built up a big following with his Tennis Mentor page on Instagram, while his YouTube channel has also been a big hit with tennis lovers eager to improve their technique.

As a Level 4 coach who was crowned as LTA Coach of the Year in 2017, Ashley is supremely qualified to guide his audience through their paces in his role as Director/Head Coach at The Avenue Tennis Club on England’s south coast.

Now he has come Tennis365, with his brand of straight-talking online coaching offering a golden chance to top up on your talents and make key changes to your game that could make all the difference.

Ashley guides his followers through the basics of how they can improve their game and in his first video on Tennis365 and here, he gives us an introduction into what has made him so popular with his social media followers.

We will be running the Tennis Mentor’s 1-minute lessons on Tennis365 in the coming weeks, but here is a more comprehensive guide that is essentially a free tennis lesson from a top tier coach.