Tennis Today: Andre Agassi reveals which quality of Roger Federer’s he wishes he had

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer

In Tennis Today, Andre Agassi has some Roger Federer envy and Pete Sampras regret, while David Ferrer is also feeling very reflective. 

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Roger Federer definitely seems more relaxed around tour these days, and nothing really demonstrated that more than his video bombing of tennis couple Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils. Make sure you watch it!

The growing spat between Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal is offering fine entertaining too at the moment.

First, Nadal laid into Kyrgios following their match, which Kyrgios won, accusing his of disrespect.

Then, Kyrgios hit back, basically telling Nadal to mind his own business. Lovely fun and games.

Finally, how solid is your knowledge on ATP250 tournaments? Take our quiz and you will most certainly find out.

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Andre Agassi says it is ‘impossible’ to dislike Roger Federer, and admitted he wish he had his temperament during his career.

Federer has had a brilliant rivalry with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, and Agassi says it’s a shame he couldn’t have conducted himself the same way during his, at times, volatile rivalry with Pete Sampras.

“I had the luxury of getting to know Novak and he would never be disrespectful to somebody you know, willingly or knowingly”, Agassi told the Times of India.

“You know Roger, it’s impossible not to like this man. When you talk to him, his consideration to fans, to peers, to media.

“Same with Rafa, the time that they give, they are professionals all in their own way and I think there’s a great deal of respect.

“You know with me it was different. Everybody knows my story. I was confused, I hated what I did.

“Sometimes Pete inspired me, sometimes I envied him, sometimes he annoyed me, sometimes I resented it.”

Meanwhile, former world number three David Ferrer has revealed his biggest regret too.

Speaking to ABC, he said: “I regret not to have enjoyed the wins more.

“I was so focused and I had so much ambition that influenced me. Those free moments would have made me better.

“The tennis goes very quick. You win a tournament and the following day you are playing another.

“You win the number and you could lose against anyone on any day.

“In tennis you have no time to taste the wins. But I was very lucky, I cannot complain. ”

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The Tennis Channel give us a useful summary of the highly entertaining Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal spat.

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Rafa and Nick have a few things to say after their explosive Acapulco clash.

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Sloane Stephens celebrated Jozy Altidore’s new contract with Toronto FC.

Novak and Jelena Djokovic, meanwhile, celebrated something else.

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Monsieur Pierre, always on top of the things. Magical number 11 today. 11 years in our lives… forever our baby, forever my first boy. And as I recently discovered – guardian of being. That’s what dogs are to humans – guardians of being. Reminding us always to be happy and in love 🙏❤️🥰 @eckharttolle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Gospodin Pjer, uvek na vrhu zadatka 🥰 Evo danas napunio 11 godina i svih 11 nam donosi radost i ljubav. Zauvek moja prva beba i moj prvi dečak. A baš nedavno sam otkrila da su kučići čuvari našeg Bića. Uvek nas podsećaju da budemo prisutni i da volimo i radujemo se, pa čak i najmanjim stvarima. Kad izadjem napolje i vratim se posle 5 minuta, oni padaju u nesvest kao da me nisu videli ceo dan! To je ta mudrost postojanja, ceniti svaki susret, dodir i sekund i živeti ga s puno ljubavi… beskrajno zahvalna mom belom andjelku što me uči o bezuslovnoj ljubavi svaki dan ❤❤❤🥳🥳🥳

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And the ATP remembered another memorable Roger Federer visit to Dubai…

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