Tennis Today: Tennis stars get into World Cup spirit and Boris Becker gets super creative

In Tennis Today, Boris Becker plays his diplomatic immunity card.

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Have you got World Cup fever? Probably, as it seems just about everyone has right now. That includes some WTA stars who have released a video showing some love for football.

Perhaps the World Cup can cheer poor old Stan Wawrinka up a bit. The injury-plagued Swiss star has had to withdraw from another two tournaments, which won’t be much use in his quest to climb the rankings again.

Maria Sharapova, meanwhile, has also withdrawn from a tournament – but she insists that is just because she’s reached that ‘must take care of myself’ stage of her career.

Speaking of that stage of a career and that kind of decision, fresh from his rest over clay court season, Roger Federer is back and absolutely loving it.

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Oh, and while you’re here, why not take a shot at our brilliant nicknames quiz?

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Boris Becker is fighting bankruptcy – by claiming diplomatic immunity!

The former Wimbledon champion is being hunted by a private-bank in London for alleged debts, but he’s claiming he can fight it.

“I have now asserted diplomatic immunity as I am in fact bound to do, in order to bring this farce to an end, so that I can start to rebuild my life.

“Once this gravy train for the suits has been stopped in its tracks, my lawyers will turn to the question of compensation.”

The most brilliant thing about it? He’s probably right.

Elsewhere, the ATP have release statistics showing just how brilliant Dominic Thiem has been so far this season, and it’s well worth a look. 

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Anna Kournikova gets into the World Cup spirit.

#Россия #worldcup2018 #GoRussia

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And so it Alexander Zverev…

Kyle Edmund may be the British number one these days, but he still knows who the man really is not matter what the rankings say.

Didn’t have the ❤ to tell him I wasn’t @andymurray 🙈😜

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Dominic Thiem really looks like he needs a more comfortable chair.

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