The amazing numbers behind Emma Raducanu’s latest sponsorship deal

Lucy Roberts
US Open champion Emma Raducanu at the Met Gala

British sensation Emma Raducanu has signed yet another sponsorship deal off the back of her highly successful and award winning season.

After having penned a deal with British Airways last week, her attention has now turned to the communication sector after signing on the dotted line for Vodafone.

Negotiations have been on-going over the past few weeks between the company and the 19-year-old but it’s now been confirmed and will be formally announced in February.

It’s expected that she’ll rake in £3 million a year from this deal alone, making her net worth around the £10 million mark, according to the Daily Mail.

The US Open champion is represented by Max Eisenbud at the IMG talent management company, who also organises Maria Sharapova’s lucrative deals.

“The difference between Maria winning Wimbledon and Emma winning the US Open really comes down to social media,” Eisenbud explained to The New York Times.

“There was no social media in 2004, but it made things move so fast this time, it’s just in warp speed.

“The iron’s hot, we’re striking.”

It is understood that Raducanu is perfect from a marketing point of view according to experts due to the fact that she’s British, “looks the part”, and speaks fluent Mandarin as a result of her mother hailing from Shenyang in China, which is becoming increasingly important to big corporations such as Vodafone to help relations in the Far East.

The British No 1 is allowed to have approximately six sponsorship deals as long as none of them clash, the typical amount for most sports stars.

Raducanu went from sitting her A-Levels earlier this year to now embarking on her first full season on the WTA Tour, with deals from Dior, Evian, Tiffany & Co, British Airways and now Vodafone financially supporting her – not that she’ll need them if she continues her success on court in 2022.

She netted £2 million for her Grand Slam winning performance at Flushing Meadows alone, if she keeps that up these commercial deals will be nothing but short change for the winner of the 2021 BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year.