The Best Tennis Apps For Fans On The Move

Andy Murray passion

The tennis season may be heading towards its final few months but it is by no means winding down. The tournaments prior to the US Open are always fiercely contested as players strive to head into the last Grand Slam of the year in fine form, while the ATP World Tour Finals awaits at the end of the year for the most successful players.

The Challenger Tour continues at its usual fast pace right up until the end of November, so there are plenty of events for tennis fans to follow closely. This is why it is crucial to have the best tennis apps to fulfil all your needs while on the move during the tennis season.

Know the score

A lot of the official tournament apps receive criticism for users for a plethora of reasons, from slow score updates to an absence of player pictures. One app that is thoroughly dependable is Flashscore, keeping users reliably appraised of live scores from ATP and WTA events. Many of these matches come with point-by-point breakdowns and game statistics, while players’ past form and head-to-head records mean that users can form their own predictions based on a rich source of data. Flashscore does also offer lots of other sports so, if users want a pure tennis experience, then ATP/WTA Live is equally effective. This app also offers rankings and player bios, making it the perfect source for fans looking to devour lots of background information while checking on match scores. Being able to keep track of favourite players on the go should be an easy experience, and these two apps certainly provide that.

Betting on the go

If players not only want to follow their favourite players but also bet in-play on their fortunes, then the Mr Green app is available on iOS devices to meet bettors’ needs. Like Flashscore, the Mr Green app does not have an exclusive tennis focus but instead offers more than 70 sports to players to bet on, which is handy, as most people enjoy multiple sports. The ‘Live Right Now’ feature means that users can remain on top of the match situation and bet accordingly without missing out on any changes in value. This is particularly useful when betting on matches involving players like Joao Sousa and Fabio Fognini, players notorious for making dramatic comebacks or yielding dominant leads. Being able to use the app while on the move and taking advantage of its quick and seamless navigation means that punters don’t have to worry about dreaming up the perfect bet and not being able to place their stake before Fognini does something ridiculous and changes the prices completely.

Become the star

Fognini may be one of a kind but there are a few apps that give players the chance to attempt to emulate his feats. Hit Tennis 3 has had over 35 million downloads and gives users the opportunity to test their skills in 24 tournaments. While the unique challenges of real tennis are hard to simulate, Hit Tennis 3 gives players the chance to consider strategies while using the intuitive controls. Ultimate Tennis takes the graphics to the next level for those players looking for something that visually resembles real tennis, although it is not as satisfyingly simplistic as Hit Tennis 3. Long commutes are made much easier through immersive tennis matches, although, hopefully, your commute is not quite as long as an Anderson-Isner match.