‘The media has created a false narrative about Holger Rune – at least he is not as boring as Djokovic’

Holger Rune plays a shot
Holger Rune in action

Erstwhile Danish doubles star Frederik Lochte Nielsen believes that Holger Rune is a breath of fresh air on the ATP Tour.

Nielsen believes that Rune has been unfairly vilified and that his passionate play is something the game needs.

In comments that might get a few stirred up, Nielsen suggested that Rune is far more watchable than Novak Djokovic.

Nielsen labelled Djokovic as boring when compared to Rune.

He believes that is lazy journalism to paint Rune as a petulant brat.

“There are so many really boring tennis players, and he has improved significantly in terms of his behaviour on the court,” Nielsen told SpilXperten.

“But you have to remember that there has been a camera on him since he was 16 years old. He’s still just a kid who is passionate and loves to play tennis. He’s still learning about life. I think it’s really cool that he gives something to the audience.”

“I think it’s a shame, for example, that Novak Djokovic doesn’t just embrace himself and stand by the person he is.”

“However, I also think that a narrative is being built around Holger that is not entirely correct. He is not as bad as he is made out to be, and when he has lost a fight, it is quite normal that there is a headline that says ‘Annoyed Holger Rune’. That, I think, is lazy journalism.”

Nielsen backs Rune’s second serve and relaxed confidence as his biggest weapons.

“I very much agree with Holger when he says that he doesn’t stress about having to play for his points,” Nielsen said.

“That’s one of the big developments he has gone through in the last year and a half.”

“Holger is one of the best in the world at using his 2nd serve proactively and not just using it as a point starter. He serves both slice, kick, hard and slow on his 2nd serve. It’s really a powerful weapon for him.”

“Holger is made for those matches in the biggest stadiums against the very best players. That’s where he feels he belongs. That’s where he feels most comfortable.”

Nielsen added that Rune and Carlos Alcaraz look set to battle for top honours for many years to come.

“If you’re going to talk about players who have a chance to achieve the same as the greatest legends, I completely agree that Alcaraz and Rune are the two who can do it. I think they have the best platform to build on right now,” Nielsen said.

“They are two players who really play tennis and get the best out of themselves. The reason why Alcaraz is maybe a little bit further ahead than Rune right now is because Alcaraz is maybe a little bit better physically. He has a natural strength, but when Holger builds that up, he will be horrible to face for all players because he has almost no weaknesses.”

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