The US Open’s Most Memorable Moments

The US Open has been a staple part of the international tennis calendar since 1968. Since then, we’ve seen all kinds of giant-killing upsets and big changes that have shaken things up.

It’s safe to say, in fact, that there is always something interesting to come out of the Open year on year.

But what are some of the most memorable tennis moments of all time at the US Open? As you might expect, there are many, but we’ve been able to rank them down to a handful.

If you regularly hunt for the tennis odds for live betting, you’ll likely have favourite moments of your own. Have we listed your top pick? Read on and find out.

Agassi Bows Out

Andre Agassi was undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the 90s and 00s. By 2006, however, the former US Open champ was ready to call things a day.

While Agassi’s final match in the third round that year – against Benjamin Becker – wasn’t a triumph, it was memorable. Agassi was a player who fought on to the very last drop – and his last few strikes made for an emotional send-off.

Connors’ Curtain Call

By the time Jimmy Connors made it to the 1991 Open, his career was seemingly closing. Opening the tourney, the star was far from at his Open heights of 17 years prior. Even the most avid of tennis fans were predicting that he’d bow out sooner rather than later. 

However, his first-match triumph against Patrick McEnroe was nothing short of a spine-tingler. Viewers weren’t so willing to call it a comeback early on. However, by the time he’d reached the semifinals, many believed they saw a phoenix rise, reborn.

Connors was beaten back by Jim Courier here – however, it was an incredible final Open run for a true legend.

Serena Williams’ Dynamic Debut

The Williams brand is, of course, the stuff of legend. However, back at the tail-end of the 1990s, Serena Williams was an unknown entity. That, of course, is what made her meteoric win over Martina Hingis in the Open final all the more memorable.

2018 US Open Serena Williams Naomi Osaka

Everyone loves an underdog story. While Williams can hardly be regarded as such 22 years on, this was a US Open that’s stayed memorable.

Evert Emerges from Nowhere

Chris Evert is a name in US Open history that’s memorable for her sheer pluck at a very young age. Arguably, tennis champions emerge at all ages – but the 16-year-old Evert successfully challenged plenty of viewpoints. Experience isn’t everything.

The 1971 Open wasn’t Evert’s for the winning. But who could have believed that she’d reach the semis on a first run? It’s another slice of unpredictable tennis history that only the Open could serve us.

Clijsters Defies Everything – and Everyone

Kim Clijsters’ career seemed to be on the rise after a US Open triumph in 2005. However, injury after injury forced her to effectively retire from the sport just two years later. Who, then, could have predicted her comeback – another two years after that?

The 2009 US Open was almost filmic. Clijsters set an impressive record – and on the way, she managed to triumph over both Venus and Serena Williams to claim another title. Beating Caroline Wozniacki in the final, Clijsters was the first non-seeded entrant to win.

This wouldn’t be the end for Clijsters, either. She’d come back and win again the following year – it really is a fairytale story! Proof, also, that you’d never quite done with tennis – as the biggest and best stars will tell you.