Bernard Tomic comes in for some stick from Zverev after ‘no 5’ claims

Bernard Tomic

Bernard Tomic just cannot catch a break at the moment, whether it is his fault or not, with Alexander Zverev the latest to have a dig at the underfire Aussie.

Tomic, who failed to qualify for the Australian Open, instead headed to the jungle to participate in ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’

His stay, though, was short-lived as he was quick to shout “get me out of here.”

And that hasn’t gone down well with some of his tennis rivals.

“He was there for what? Six hours? Something like that,” Zverev said as Germany took on Australia in the Davies Cup.

“It was great fun for the viewers for the one day that it lasted.”

And it wasn’t only his short stay that earned him some ridicule.

“Didn’t he say he wanted to be top five by the end of the year, something like that, when he left the jungle camp or whatever you call it?” Zverev said with a laugh.

“Good luck to him, that’s all I can say.”