Who is Tommy Paul’s girlfriend? Model and influencer Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze, model influencer, and partner to Tommy Paul.

Paige Lorenze, the girlfriend of Tommy Paul since 2022, has made her own way in the world of fashion but leaned into her tennis association more recently.

Lorenze has set out to make the most of the relationship between sport and fashion as her two biggest passions.

Growing up, Lorenze loved horses and pursued her training as an alpine skier in Vermont and Connecticut. She moved to New York City to study design, and after making connections in the celebrity world, she has expanded her social media following.

She founded her own fashion brand, Dairy Boy, in 2021 but did not initially link her designs and offering to sport.

However, after she sparked up a relationship with US tennis star Tommy Paul she realised that her brand was a good fit for such an association.

“Brands are interested in the interaction between sports and fashion,” Lorenze told Forbes.

“They see me as someone going to these matches and creating high-quality content. Tennis is having its moment. It is exciting to be able to do all these things and make the most of every opportunity.”

Lorenze has really enjoyed stepping into the tennis space and being around to support Paul.

“I love being on the tennis tour (with Paul),” she said.

“Sports have always been a big part of my identity and who I am. I was a ski racer my whole life. I thrive in a competitive environment and the people (in sports) are passionate.”

She claims that as her relationship with Paul deepened, she became less interested in being a typical background tennis partner and more interested in the commercial prospects that accompanied her increased prominence.

“I love covering tennis on my social media because it is exciting, it is such an incredible sport,” she says. “It is really hard traveling as much as we do, but I’m bringing a new audience, a younger audience to tennis. It has motivated me, and I get to be at these incredible places, but also run my business and support Tommy. I’ve made it my own job too.”

Lorenze intends to increase her creative influence over both the design and business sides of her Dairy Boy venture.

“My dream is to be the creative director and CEO of [Dairy Boy] and as I get older kind of lean away from the influencer world,” she said, adding, “I’m proud of what I’ve been able to create and it’s been a fun journey.”

Although the actual date of Lorenze and Paul’s relationship is unknown, they made their affection known on social media by the autumn of 2022.

Paul shared a carousel on Instagram with the comment, “Photos by P,” during the beginning of October 2022. The final picture showed the two of them grinning at one other.

The month after, Lorenze posted a video of them together on Instagram with the caption, “@tommypaull super fan.” The scene in the reel shows Lorenze and Paul giving each other a hug before strolling down the street holding hands.

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