Tommy Paul savours ‘the good life’ as Sunshine Swing serves up barbeques with Paige Lorenze and match wins

Tommy Paul
Tommy Paul returns a serve.

Tommy Paul couldn’t be happier right now thanks to the Sunshine swing giving him a chance to spend quality time with girlfriend Paige Lorenze.

Paul has been helped by getting a whole lot of afternoon draws at Indian Wells which allowed him to relax in the evenings and fire up the barbeque with his girlfriend.

Lorenze is a passionate foodie, as followers of her vlogs can attest and it seems she has also been serving up some Italian dishes for Paul as they enjoy time together in the California desert.

“I have basically just been chilling at the house watching tennis,” Paul said as per

“It’s been nice having the last few matches I’ve been second up, so I’ve been going back and hanging out, watching the later matches. You know, my girlfriend has been cooking up food, we’ve been barbecuing some nights, and just hanging out.”

Paul feels that his good form in recent weeks is down to adhering to a tighter plan when it comes to match preparation and a more settled routine.

“I think I’m playing a different style of tennis. I think probably…in Australia or in Toronto, I was probably playing a little bit better from the baseline, to be honest,” he said.

“But I think I’m serving better right now. I think I’m seeing the court a little bit better, maybe attacking, and using the whole court better. I don’t know. It’s different, but I think I’m playing smarter, better tennis.

“I mean, they’re not always, like, the normal routines,” he went on.

“I mean, you see a lot of players with very set-in-stone routines on the court. It’s not always that. A lot of times it’s, like, off-court, what I’m having for breakfast. I kind of haven’t switched it up too much. I’ve been, you know, eating dinner, going straight to the hot tub every night, chilling, and then going to bed. That’s been, like, my routine.

“But, I mean, so far it’s been nice.”

Paul says that he has also been enjoying watching classic tennis matches with Lorenze.

“I think before my first round we watched Tim Henman versus Roger in Paris-Bercy, and then we watched [Stefan] Edberg before my second round,” Paul said.

“Then we watched Boris Becker yesterday. You know, trying to get to the net, those are all pretty good volleyers.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching Edberg. You know, just for whatever reason, I love his backhand volley. Favorite shot in tennis.”

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