VIDEO: Seven-year-old Novak Djokovic predicts his success

Novak Djokovic celebrates

It will surprise no one, but Novak Djokovic always believed he was destined for tennis greatness.

The Serbian has become one of the most dominant ATP Tour players of all time, recently winning Wimbledon to end two years of struggle with injury and claim his 13th Grand Slam title.

However, Djokovic is probably the last person to be surprised, with a video emerging of him just seven-years-old claiming he would one day reach the top of the world rankings.

He, of course, did just that, first becoming world number one in July 2011 and holding the position for a total of 223 weeks to date.

In the video, the young Djokovic also touches upon his favourite part of playing tennis, his practice routine and how other kids react when he beats them.

Meanwhile, former world number one Mats Wilander says that Djokovic surrounding himself with familiar faces again has been key to his resurgence.

His former coach Marian Vajda has returned to his team and wife Jelena has started spending more time on tour with the Serb.

“I cannot imagine that Djokovic could have won Wimbledon without the return to his box of all those familiar faces,” Wilander said.

“That is the key for me. It is thanks to that that he is a bit calmer while re-finding his machine-like style and killer instinct.

“His coach Marian Vajda coming back is the key. Jelena, his wife, is the key.

“They are all again reunited behind him, like a kind of cordon sanitaire which protects Novak from everything.”