WATCH: Andy Murray on being bossed around by his children and why he was ‘very jealous’ of Emma Raducanu

Andy Murray enjoys a light-hearted moment

Andy Murray took part in a game of “Get to know Andy Murray” at this week’s Erste Bank Open in Vienna as the former world No 1 gave a bit of insight into his life.

The three-time Grand Slam winner was asked about his favourite Austrian dish to which he answered Sachertorte (a chocolate cake) while he also revealed that fellow Scot Sean Connery would play him in a movie, which didn’t come as a surprise.

As for what is the first thing he does after coming home from a tournament abroad, he revealed that he “gets bossed around by his children”.

Other questions included “What normal job would you like to have if you were not an athlete?” and “What’s your secret guilty pleasure song?”

As for which language he would like to speak, Murray answered: “I would love to speak Spanish because I think if you speak Spanish and English it is brilliant.

“However, I feel like that is very achievable, but one that isn’t is Mandarin.

“I saw Emma Raducanu speaking Mandarin after she won the US Open and I was very jealous of that. Yeah, I’d probably say Mandarin because I don’t think it is something that I would be able to learn whereas Spanish if I dedicated enough time to it, I could probably do it.”

Raducanu, of course, speaks Mandarin as well as Romanian.