WATCH: Andy Murray roasts his mother Judy’s cooking as he also reveals why is not keen on driving a Ferrari

Andy Murray pulls a face

Andy Murray is not a fan of his mother Judy’s cooking, stating “my mom is not a good cook” during an amusing Q&A ahead of the Stockholm Open.

The former world No 1 will make his debut at the ATP 250 event on Tuesday when he takes on qualifier Viktor Durasovic from Norway in the first round.

As has become traditional now, Murray took part in a question and answer session and had some interesting responses.

Asked to name a player who has a better backhand than him, he replied: “Probably [Novak] Djokovic. He’s got an amazing backhand. He has probably got a little more spin on his backhand than mine, which gives a little bit more safety.”

As for whether or not he prefers a shower or a bath, he said: “Shower every day of the week. I never take baths, hate baths. Ice baths, but no hot baths. I hate it.”

And then it got really interesting as when it comes to his wife’s cooking or his mother’s cooking, Murray answered: “Wife’s 100%, my mom is not a good cook.”

His mother Judy, though, agrees with him with regards to the cooking.

He is also not keen on driving a Ferrari: “I have driven both [a Ferrari and a Volkswagen] and I hated driving a Ferrari. I felt so self-conscious. It’s just not me, I hated it.”