WATCH: Andy Murray takes on YouTuber Chunkz in skills challenge

Shahida Jacobs
Andy Murray's new Castore clothing collection

Who came out on top when Andy Murray and YouTuber and entertainer Chunkz went up against each other in a skills challenge?

Murray and Chunkz showed off their tennis shootout and tennis kick ups prowess at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton recently.

Of course there were plenty of jokes and laughter.

Murray was also asked about how people can get into more tennis and he replied: “People always think you need a huge space like this on in a court like this to play tennis, but it doesn’t need to be the case.

“You can play in a smaller area and learn racket skills and play with the ball in a quarter of this space.

“I think you maybe need to find more creative ways to get kids to play and engage at schools. Make it fun.

“I think tennis has maybe not always had the best image in this country and making it more fun, more accessible for children from all walks of life would give us a better chance.”