WATCH: Hilarious moments on the court from Nick Kyrgios, Rafael Nadal and co

Nick Kyrgios funny reaction

Have you been having a stressful week and are looking to lighten the mood? Then take a look at these hilarious tennis moments from Nick Kyrgios, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and company.

Kyrgios starts us off six seconds into the video with a funny altercation with American actor Ben Stiller. The Australian star was clearly not happy with a comment from someone in the crowd, which sparked this funny reaction. “Just relax, are you playing? Are you good at tennis? Then why are you speaking? Do I tell him [Ben Stiller] how to act? No,” the Australian quipped.

Not all interactions are as fiery as the Kyrgios one. Nadal brings us a funny blunder at 23 seconds in. The Spaniard seemed unaware that the match had ended and began preparing for the next point – so he thought.

Tennis players might excel on the court, but that is only sometimes carried over into other parts of their lives. Watch Carlos Alcaraz, 37 seconds in, as he struggles to open a packet and angrily throws it away after giving up.

Kyrgios finds himself in another hilarious moment at 01:35. The star is known for his flair on the court and has delivered some beautiful shots over the years. However, this one did not go as he had planned – leaving the commentator in stitches.

Tennis stars must have cat-like reflexes if they wish to succeed on the court. However, sometimes they are caught off guard and get surprised in hilarious ways. German star Alexander Zverev was certainly caught off guard, at 01:46, after getting hit on the head by a tennis ball while taking a break from the match.

If those haven’t made you smile, then check out Alexander Bublik toying with the crowd two minutes into the video. The Kazakhstan star was soaking in the support from the fans. The fan favourite tried to decide which section of the supporters would receive a signed tennis ball from him, so he encouraged his fans to voice their support to make his decision easier.

The Serbinator grabs his spot at 02:22. Djokovic will get you smiling as the star blows toward an over-hit shot, jokingly making it seem like he pushed it beyond play.

Sometimes the tennis stars have to cool off to fight the heat received on the tennis court. This star certainly found an effective way by sticking his head into the Mountain Dew cooler at 02:50.

Bublik is definitely a crowd favourite, and enjoys putting on some thrilling entertainment. At 03:05, after patiently waiting to play his shot, the star excites the crowd with an unconventional shot with the handle of his racket.

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