WATCH: Roger Federer and ‘brother from a different mother’ Trevor Noah go on an epic adventure

Roger Federer and Trevor Switzerland Tourism ad

The third installment of Roger Federer playing tourist guide in his own country has hit the small screen and this time comedian and late-night talk show host Trevor Noah is his travelling buddy.

The “film” sees the two friends go on their epic adventure through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland and, according to the press release, “a small mix-up derails the plans of Federer and Noah, leading them to the ride of a lifetime on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland”.

It is one of those cheesy ads that will bring a smile to your face and is the latest in Federer’s collection of ads for Switzerland Tourism as he previously starred alongside Robert de Niro in the “film” titled “No Drama” and then he teamed up with Anne Hathaway as they “learned the hard way, that nothing and nobody is greater than the Grand Tour of Switzerland”.

This time it is Federer and South African comedian Noah and the Swiss tennis player at one point jokes that his travel partner is his “brother from a different mother”.

Federer and Noah, of course, have a lot in common as the 22-time Grand Slam winner’s mother was born in South Africa while Noah’s father is Swiss.

The duo also teamed up at The Match in Africa in Cape Town in 2020, although they were on opposite sides of the net as Federer partnered philanthropist Bill Gates in the doubles while Noah and Rafael Nadal were partners.

But their latest adventure saw them taking in the beautiful Swiss scenery.

Both Federer and Noah have a lot of time on their hands these days as the latter left The Daily Show in December 2022 after seven years as host.

Federer, meanwhile, retired from tennis in September after more than decades as a professional and admitted that one of the things he is looking forward following his retirement is doing “creative” holidays with his family, including hitting the slopes, and Switzerland Tourism will no doubt help him to achieve that goal.

“I am still a little bit scared [when it comes other sports] right after retirement as my knee has been a little bit so-so and that [skiing] has to wait,” he said.

“As time goes by I will be able to do more trips and we are always planning our vacations and I want them to be really fun. They can become a little bit more creative.”

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