‘We cannot settle for eternal social distancing’ – Rafael Nadal keen to return to old normality

Rafael Nadal press conference

Rafael Nadal has reopened The Rafael Nadal Academy in Mallorca before urging the world to resist the temptation to allow coronavirus to change our way of life for good.

Tennis has been on the shelf since early March, wit thoughts now turning to the likelihood that spectators will not be able to attend once it resumes.

Nadal says he understands that, but believes it should only be a temporary measure that society should not accept in the long run.

“Finally we can back on the court, I’m happy to be back in my facility and I’m happy that kids can play too,” Nadal said in a video shared by his academy.

“They are delighted and it is the most important.”

Nadal, though, believes it would be wrong to simply accept social distancing as a new way of life.

“I imagine the tracks and the full stadiums, which is how I like to see them.

“You have to be patient and find the medicine, but I don’t believe in looking for new normality.

“We like to see people, hug each other, share with people, and we have to look for this again.

“We cannot settle for just eternally complying with distancing measures.”

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