‘We have wasted it,’ says Judy Murray as she laments failure to capitalise on sons Jamie and Andy’s success

Jamie Murray and Andy Murray tactics

Judy Murray believes Scotland Tennis have failed to build on the success of her sons Jamie and Andy Murray, saying they “largely wasted” an opportunity to build a lasting legacy.

Former Fed Cup captain Judy has been campaigning for better tennis facilities in Scotland while she also hopes to make the sport more accessible to people living in rural and disadvantaged areas.

Murray believes the best way to do that is to capitlise on Jamie and Andy’s success, but she fears that time is up.

“I predicted, quite some time ago, that Jamie and Andy would retire and there would be nothing to show for it, and I really feel that now,” she told BBC Scotland.

“We will never get this chance again.”

Andy Murray and Judy Murray

She added: “We’ve had the most incredible shop window for tennis and largely we have wasted it.”

The brothers have won 10 Grand Slams between them with Andy lifting two Wimbledon and one US Open trophies while Jamie has won two men’s doubles majors and five mixed doubles Grand Slams.

However, with Jamie 35 years old and Andy 34, they don’t have too many years left at the top.

Jamie himself warns that were “still large parts of the country that just don’t have access to indoor tennis”.

“Ultimately if we stopped playing tomorrow, and you drive around Scotland, what is there to show for all the achievements, particularly Andy’s achievements,” he told BBC’s Good Morning Scotland radio programme.

“I just don’t see how we’ve got anything to show for it, which I think is really sad.”

Tennis Scotland Chief Executive Blane Dodds, though, disagrees that they have missed the boat.

“With record numbers of community club members enjoying tennis, coming to tennis in their droves, I think that’s testament to all of the tennis community coming together.

“I am very confident that we are on the right track,” he said.