Review of the latest version of Roger Federer’s iconic Wilson Pro Staff racket

Kevin Palmer
Ons Jabeur Wimbledon
Ons Jabeur uses a Wilson Pro Staff racket

It is one of the most iconic rackets in tennis history and now Wilson have served up a sparkling new version of their Pro Staff.

Having been around for 40 years, it’s best known for its classic double braid of carbon and aramid fibers (commonly known as graphite/Kevlar®), and of course the many greats who have used this frame.

Those icons include Chris Evert, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, Steffi Graf, Pete Sampras and, of course, Roger Federer.

In total, a stunning 117 grand slam titles have been won with Pro Staff – which is a pretty prolific record of success.

It was no surprise that Wilson used the great Federer as the face of the launch of the Pro Staff 14 range, with the only disappointment for his army of fans around the world being that he would not be using the racket after his retirement last year.


The 2023 Wilson Pro Staff X V14 is a radically reimagined icon with a feel and precision that feels even more like home.

The new Paradigm Bending carbon-fiber construction optimizes the flex between the hoop and the shaft, creating more feel and precision – the hallmarks of this beloved franchise.

The Pro Staff X V14 also features an advanced dynamic design, with color hues that shift from maroon-to-gold, a nod to the franchise’s original accents.

A carbon fibre construction strategically crafted to optimize the bending profile of the racket hoop and shaft. This construction shifts more flexibility into the shaft for an ideal blend of classic Pro Staff feel and precision without compromising modern power.


This racket is ideal for players who enjoy the classic Pro Staff feel but are looking for a more forgiving, easy-to-swing racket.

Featuring a refined, elegant design and a rich earth tone, the Wilson Pro Staff X V14 is a more playable racket for anyone and offers extra forgiveness due to a larger head size.

With its head-light balance and crisp feel, it’s reminiscent of the Pro Staff 97. We arranged the double braid at 45-degree angles, allowing the frame to breathe upon impact for enhanced pocketing and stability.

  • Pro Staff Benefit: Classic Precision
  • Oversized Head: Larger than the standard Pro Staff headsize, the X provides more forgiveness and enlarges sweet spot for off-center shots
  • 16×19 String Pattern: Open string pattern generates greater capacity for power and spin
  • Composition: Unique construction increases racket stability and pocketing feel
  • Design: Desert Bronze appearance combines the classic, elegant persona of the Pro Staff franchise with modern innovation


This is the racket used by Tunisian icon Ons Jabeur in her run to this year’s Wimbledon final, while it was one of the most used rackets at the All England Club this summer with a host of players thriving with the Wilson Pro Staff.


Tennis365 got a chance to test drive the new Wilson Pro Staff X V14 and the the first thing you notice when you get the racking into your hand is the comfort that is boosted by the Ergonomic End Cap, which is one of the big features of this frame. It feels a little broader at the base than some rackets, but it eases your hand into the perfect position.

The sweet spot of this racket produces impressive results. Of course, you need to be accurate to hit the mark, but it offers a thrilling punch on first serves and ground shots when you get it right.

The slick 97-inch head size ensures you need to be precise with your connection, but the rewards are impressive when you get it right.

The feel on the forehand was so impressive, with the stability of the frame giving you the confidence to hit a flatter ball when the chance presents itself and the power produced is unexpectedly dynamic.

This racket didn’t appear to be best suited for my backhand slice, so that encouraged me to hit over the ball… much to the delight of my coach.

The feel around the net with the Wilson Pro Staff X V14 was impressive and the power of this racket was so useful when you are in a tight spot and fighting to stay in the point.


The Wilson Pro Staff racket is a piece of tennis history and this immaculate revised version adds to its legacy.

If only we could get the chance to see Federer play one more time with this new frame.

Check out the new Wilson Pro Staff range