Can you answer these 13 Wimbledon questions from top TV quiz show?

Elena Rybakina with the Wimbledon title

There are few tougher TV quizzes than Mastermind, where over the years countless contestants have tested their knowledge on the iconic black chair, under the glare of the fierce studio spotlight.

Monday night saw the grand finale of the latest series of the iconic BBC show, and a certain tennis tournament starred as one of the specialist categories.

Software developer Oli Hanson decided to tackle ‘The Wimbledon Singles Championships, 2000-present’ as his specialist subject as he looked to claim the title.

Hanson scored eight points out of a possible 13 on his specialist subject, but how would you have fared? Test yourself below with Mastermind’s Wimbledon questions.

To aid you a little, we’ve given you multiple choice options for each question – let’s see how you do!