Tennis Today: Andy Murray sort of says bye with ‘what a f***ing match’

Andy-Murray pensive

In Tennis Today, for Andy Murray it may have been “what a fucking match” as he bowed out of the Australian Open. For his rivals it was more a case of what a fucking player.

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Andy Murray final Australian Open match may be done and dusted, then again it may not be.

The British player, who has been suffering with a painful hip injury for almost two years, has given his fans some hope – but only a slither.

“Maybe I’ll see you again,” he said as he walked off the court on Monday. “I’ll do everything possible to try.”

His rivals were quick to pay tribute to the Scot, billed by Novak Djokovic as an inspiration.

Speaking of Djokovic, he “appears to be ready to dominate once again” according to Annabel Croft.

Meanwhile Maria Sharapova isn’t feeling much love towards the male tennis players in general – excluding Andy – as she says there is “not a lot of warmth” coming from them to ensure gender equality.

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Her first match of the Australian Open so of course Serena Williams’ outfit would be making headlines.

Banned by the French Open from wearing the cat suit, Williams rocked up in Melbourne in what is known as a playsuit and play she did.

The American, wearing a jade green playsuit, cruised through her first round match inspiring “moms” around of the world.

“We design really far in advance at Nike.” Williams said during her press conference.

“I knew that I have been working really, really hard in the off-season to be incredibly fit and incredibly ready.

“Nike always wants to make an incredibly strong, powerful statement for moms that are trying to get back and get fit. That was basically it for me.”

Her long-time rival Sharapova has been speaking about the differences between the two while Rafa has been having some fun in a Kia. Yeah, um.

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Andy Murray sums up what could potentially be his last Australian Open match.

You’ll all be happy to know Alexander Zverev’s body is “close to perfection right now”.

Rafa has learned his lesson about when to jump and when not to.

Three years after retiring from tennis, Alex Bolt claimed the win against Jack Sock in R1 at the Australian Open.

Catsuit ban be damned!

Stefanos Tsitsipas on what goes on underneath his flowing locks…

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