Tennis Today: Naomi Osaka wins peculiar poll, Wimbledon urged to modernise ticketing system

Naomi Osaka drops her racket

In Tennis Today, Naomi Osaka wins a poll that she is sure to remember when she retires while Wimbledon is told to modernise its ticketing system.

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How long will Roger Federer continue to play professional tennis is a question that keeps popping up. Annabel Croft believes she knows the answer.

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario celebrated her birthday on Tuesday and we took a look at her rise to world No 1.

Then in case you missed it, the WTA has released its 2019 rulebook and it’s good news for returning mothers as well as those players who want to wear catsuits.

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The Daily Mail has an exclusive with Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard, who is accusing his ex-wife of “forging his signature to take his home”.

One of the weirdest polls Naomi Osaka will win as she has been named the most unfairly treated sportsperson of 2018.

The research was commissioned by online casino PlayOJO and The Independent has the full story for you.

These are the polls she will remember when she retires one day.

Staying with some weird and wonderful stuff, Serena Williams’ daughter’s doll Qai Qai has become a big hit on social media, reports Mashable.

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Naomi Osaka being Naomi Osaka.

Time for Wimbledon to modernise their ticketing system?

Can the new tennis season just start already!

We all love a dive in tennis and here is Tennis TV’s best ones from 2018.

The WTA stars talk about their proudest moments of 2018.

Now here’s a throwback of note.

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Still nothing to see here.