Tennis Today: ‘No Roger Federers were harmed in the making of this musical,’ and sad news for Serena Williams

Roger Federer on-court interview

In Tennis Today, there is a new musical featuring Roger Federer, well his name at least, Venus and Serena Williams have some sad news to deal with, and a British newspaper stalks reports on Novak Djokovic.

What’s on the site
There is only one possible place to start today, and that is some reflection on the incredible Match in Africa, the exhibition put on by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Capre Town.

Our own Shahida Jacobs was one of the world record near-52,000 crowd in attendance, and she has your essential write-up on a remarkable event.

There is also post-match reaction from both Federer and Nadal, as well as a video highlights package that you definitely should not be missing.

Novak Djokovic, meanwhile, has warned Nadal that he has BIG plans for that world number one spot the Spaniard has just vacated, and they’ll be of interest to Federer too.

What’s in the news
Roger Federer obviously put on one hell of a show in Cape Town, and now he has his name attached to a stage musical too.

‘Defeating Roger Federer,’ a new musical by Wendy Lewis, is described as ‘a bold, provocative & darkly comedic two-hander.’

Still a little vague on the details? Ok, fair enough. Allow us to consult the official blurb from the producers to shed a little more light on this.

“Defeating Roger Federer is the story of a straight white couple who sink to an all-time low as they reach for an all-time high.

“Director Jane Eakin says: ‘What drew me to this new musical was the sheer audacity of the material. It holds a mirror up to a society that is so hungry for success, it will cannibalise itself in every effort to achieve its goal.’

“Please note: Contains strong language, adult themes and lots of singing. No Roger Federers were harmed in the making of this musical.”

There, all clear on what it is and how it even remotely relates to Roger Federer? No, nor us. But you can apparently see it if you’re anywhere close to Newtown, Australia at the end of February.

In other, much more sad news, it appears that Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams, is suffering from dementia to the point of being “totally incapacitated to conduct any business.”

Oh, and Novak Djokovic has been skiing, apparently. That’s ‘news’ nowadays, say the Daily Mail at least, who have intimate family pictures of it and everything.

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Stan Wawrinka doesn’t look all that entertained…

Garbine Muguruza enjoys the post-Australian Open peace…

Gael Monfils is not one for peace and quiet, though…


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And Wimbledon take a hit from Storm Ciara…


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One of those days ☔️

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Team GB lost over the weekend, but they did get a nice surprise from their nearest and dearest.

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