WATCH: Funny moments that make our heroes more human

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Feeling worried about speaking too much or not speaking at all, then take a look at this video of some of your tennis heroes’ experiencing the same dilemma. Even some of the best players, like Roger Federer, struggle to voice their thoughts.

It’s always odd to see your heroes stumped for words, especially when discussing what makes them great. Tennis players are known for being extremely vocal when playing, which sometimes isn’t seen off the court. It is rather uplifting to see the human side of these great athletes, as often, as fans, we tend to put them on an unattainable pedestal.

Every tennis player has a unique shot they can fall back on when they find themselves in a deadlock, but that is not the case when it comes to being interviewed. Many, if not all, tennis players love to use the words “first of all, tough, unbelievable, respect” when being asked questions.

The Mighty Federer might have always had an extra shot to play but did not always have the additional words to describe his moments. Take a look at 16 seconds into the video of Federer praising his former rival Rafael Nadal, by starting it off with the tennis communities’ favourite opening. “First of all, congrats Rafa on a great comeback yourself. I’m happy we’re both here together.”

Andy Murray has said enough words on the court for the whole of the tennis community, but sometimes he is not able to carry that off the court, as seen at 00:28 in the video. “I’d like to congratulate Aslan; fantastic week.”

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Rafael Nadal has undoubtedly earned his fans’ hearts from his time on the court with his exciting celebrations and love for the game. Although, he, too, finds himself at a loss for words and isn’t always able to express his feelings. Take a look at the snippet from one of his interviews at 01:56 that humanizes the legend.

On a very rare occasion, the fans are graced with an unusual yet enjoyable celebration. Take a look at 02:52 to see Gael Monfils’ celebration, which will spark a smile.

Tennis players love showing their controlled enthusiasm on the court, but sometimes they cannot help but release their feelings. Take a look at 01:06 to see some of your favourite players show off their passion for the game with shouts of excitement and disappointment.

Take a look at your heroes showing their human side in the video below:


This video is a joy to watch as we experience our stars in a way that we have never seen before.

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