WATCH: Roger Federer makes dashing appearance in Moet and Chandon teaser

Roger Federer Moet and Chandon

Swiss superstar Roger Federer has just appeared in a new teaser for a promotional film from French luxury winery Moet and Chandon.

The legend of the game appears alongside Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha, British actress Lashana Lynch, and French chef Yannick Alleno in a new promotional film.

So far, only teasers have been released of what has been dubbed ‘The iconic moments with Moët & Chandon’.

Moet and Chandon, headquartered in Epernay, France, is one of the world’s leading champagne makers. The corporation was established in 1743 and it is currently a subsidiary of LVMH Moet Hennesy Louis Vuitton SE.

In November 2012, the champagne maker named Roger Federer as a brand ambassador, and the two have remained connected ever since. Over the years, the Swiss has been in several Moet and Chandon ads.

The Swiss maestro is still dedicated to his commercial responsibilities even if he stepped down from his professional role in September 2022.

On his Instagram story, the 20-time Grand Slam champion shared a video of the brand’s latest marketing campaign. He is shown having a good time with the a-list group in the video which he shared on Instagram.

Federer is still keeping busy after the end of his tennis career but feels that he now has far more control over his schedule.

He has also been able to spend a great deal more time with his family even if he has been turning up all over the globe.

“I am not sure what I thought it was going to be. I just, I think I was open to the idea to see, let’s find out. I did not have any plans per se because you know I was trying to always come back and all of a sudden, I realized, ‘That’s it’,” Federer said.

“And then I am like, ‘Okay, well it’s over and what now?’ And so I think now, since six months, I feel like I am more in charge of my schedule. Whereas before, I was still just, how do you say, it was more the afterburn of having just retired.

“So it’s been good honestly, I have to be careful I don’t do too many things. But at the same time, I am really happy to be busy and I like being with other people, love being with my family, and I love to travel. But I guess sometimes, I try to make sure I get the right balance and I feel like I have that, so, things are great.”

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