WATCH: Nick Kyrgios produces underarm ace to clinch Miami Open game

Nick Kyrgios cheeky PA

Well, it was always likely to happen sooner or later, but Nick Kyrgios finally cracked it at the Miami Open: He served an underarm ace.

The controversial Australian, who managed to get himself involved with a spat with a fan in the same match, has been trying the underarm serve tactic for quite a while.

He recently angered Rafael Nadal by going it against him in Mexico, despite the Spaniard winning the point.

Dusan Lajovic was his victim at the Miami Open, with Kyrgios winning point the point and the match.

Kyrgios will now face Borna Coric in round four, and he’s not taking it for granted.

“Borna is an unbelievable competitor and one of the best players in the world,” said Kyrgios.

“He knows how to win matches and is an unbelievable player. He moves incredibly well and I know he won’t give me a single point.

“I am not going to think about it right now though. I have a day off tomorrow.”

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