VIDEO: Serena Williams makes embarrassing error at Australian Open

Serena Williams head down

Serena Williams is not used to making retreats on a tennis court. Her battling win over Simona Halep on Monday proved that.

However, before their match even started, Williams couldn’t get off court quickly enough after making an embarrassing misjudgement.

She waited in the tunnel to make entrance as usual. Then, when cued by the announcer, she walked onto court.

The only problem was that it was Simona Halep that he was announcing!

Serena had the last laugh, of course, winning the match.

“It was a really intense match, some incredible points. I love playing tennis, I love this court and it’s really cool to be back out here playing.

“I really needed to elevate my game and there’s a reason why.

“She’s a great player. I had to just play a little bit like I knew I could and I did, and I think hopefully that was the difference.

“I’m such a fighter, I never give up. There’s definitely something that’s innate.”

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