WATCH: Andy Murray sets the record straight on his rap career, gaming addiction, curly afro and more

Andy Murray

Have you heard the one about Andy Murray recording a rap song? Or about his curly afro making a comeback? What about his gaming addiction?

There are plenty of rumours circulating around on the Internet and three-time Grand Slam winner Murray took part in the BBC Sport’s Setting it Straight to answer some peculiar questions.

The first rumour “Andy Murray once recorded and released a rap song” turned out to be true, but as he explained it wasn’t his song.

He just made a cameo appearance in the Bryan Bros’ rap song “Autograph”.

Here you go…

Next up was whether or not his email address featured a tribute to James Bond 007 and it turns out it was true as well, but he did get “embarrassed” by it in his late teens yet he kept it for a few more years.

What about the one about him being a hardcore gamer that takes his PlayStation wherever he goes?

Well, it used to be true as he “travelled with a PlayStation up until he was 25/26 and I was playing way too much and I was playing like 2 to 3am”.

ProEvo was his favourite, by the way.

What about his infamous curly afro making a comeback?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we won’t be seeing those locks on the ATP Tour again any time soon.

For the full video, go to BBC Sport’s Setting it Straight.

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