WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz on THAT point against Daniil Medvedev – ‘Something happened to my feet’

Shahida Jacobs
A delighted Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz of Spain celebrates during his tennis match

Carlos Alcaraz admits he loves to produce points and moments in tennis that put a smile on everyone’s face after he pulled off yet another sensational point in the Indian Wells Open final.

Known for his exhilarating tennis, the 20-year-old came up with yet a moment of magic during the first set against Daniil Medvedev on Sunday.

With the score 4-4 on the Medvedev serve, Alcaraz found himself scrambling as he had to run back after he pulled out of an attempted smash. He somehow managed to keep the point alive and ended up winning the point with a delightful passing shot down the line.

Although he didn’t win that game, the Spaniard won the match 7-6 (7-5), 6-1 to successfully defend his title.

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Asked about that moment during his post-match press conference, the world No 2 replied: “Honestly, I didn’t know what happened. (Laughter.) I mean, I was about to jump and smash it. Yeah, something happened to my feet that I couldn’t jump.

“Yeah, when something like that happen, you have to put one more ball in and just run to the next one. That’s what I did. I put it in, it was a pretty good lob that Medvedev couldn’t smash it in a good position.

“It gave me an opportunity to stay alive in the point and make (indiscernible) actually, I think. It was quite cool that passing on that point. It give me, you know, motivation, you know, to keep doing points like this one. I always try to, you know, put good points, good game, just to try to the people enjoy, enjoy watching the match. I think it’s good for everyone.

“Points like this one give me extra motivation to put a smile on my face, as well (smiling).”

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While other players are happy just to grind their way to winning matches, Alcaraz insists he wants spectators and those at home to enjoy his matches.

“I’m trying to do that kind of points. I mean, it give me extra motivation. That’s why I’m trying to find, you know, amazing shots, amazing points. Like this one give me extra motivation to keep going, to keep showing really good tennis,” he said.

“I think it’s great for the tennis, as well, having these kind of matches, these kind of points for the people that not usually watch tennis, and I try them to start watching tennis. I think it’s great.

“I mean, I always say that I’m playing better with a smile on my face, and points like this one, doesn’t matter if I win it or lose it, it put a smile on my face anyways. I think it help me to keep improving my game on the match and showing my best tennis.

“I don’t know if it’s anticipation, fast, I don’t know, I think a mix from both. But sometimes I do it pretty well.”