WATCH: Daniil Medvedev theatrics as he requests to change his underwear, laughs at ‘stupid’ call from official

Daniil Medvedev in action

There was a rain delay, a request to change his underwear, a “stupid” call from the chair umpire, friendly banter with his opponent and plenty more as Daniil Medvedev entertained himself and everyone else during his opening match at the Canadian Open.

Top seed Medvedev took on Alexander Bublik in the second round of the ATP Masters 1000 event on Tuesday and after an initial hot and humid start that saw the Russian doing everything he can to stay cool, the weather changed and the rain set in.

It resulted in a 53-minute break and it came at the right time for the Russian as he had lost the first set against Bublik.

When they returned there was a bizarre request from Medvedev to the chair umpire as he wanted to know if he is allowed a bathroom break to change his underwear.

“The only chance for me to change my underwear is over there but there are cameras there. I’m okay to do it, but everybody is gonna see me,” he told the official.

The match continued without Medvedev changing his underwear on court and then there was a “stupid” call from the chair umpire at 2-0 in the third set.

Bublik hit a tweener and Medvedev replied with a smash that accidently hit the Kazakh player and in the middle of the point the Russian apologised with a “sorry” before hitting a winner.

The umpire stuck to the letter of law and called hindrance as Medvedev talked during the point. The point went to Bublik, cue friendly arguments and banter between all involved.

Medvedev didn’t get the point, but he was right as it did end up on Tennis TV and of course he was going to “say” something on Twitter.

That point did not matter in the end as Medvedev won the match in three sets.

“First of all, that’s a good thing. It was fun. If it would be a breakpoint it would be less fun, I’m telling you,” Medvedev said after the match.

“For me, the thing is that either they should change the name of the rule, because ‘hindrance’, I looked at it on Google Translate, because I was not sure what it means. I thought it meant disturbance, like to disturb somebody. I was right. You can ask Bublik if I disturbed him by saying ‘sorry’. He will say no.

“I had the smash, which I would never miss in my life. I actually put it away. Even if he jumped like, he couldn’t get the ball. So again, there was no hindrance. There was no disturbance. Yeah, it’s about the rules.”