WATCH: Novak Djokovic takes swipe at detractors in new ‘Silence The Critics’ Peugeot ad

Novak Djokovic interview

There is nothing quite like hitting back at your critics in an ingenious way and that is exactly what Novak Djokovic has done in his latest Peugeot ad.

World No 1 has copped a lot of flak over the years for “taking too long”, “being too loud”, “being too impulsive”, “being too serious” and “then not serious enough”, among other things.

However, in the “Silence The Critics” ad he takes a swipe at all his critics, albeit “silently”.

“No matter what people say, the most important thing is to always bring your best,” Djokovic added in a tweet to promote the ad.

The Peugeot Twitter account, meanwhile, went with “Among a sea of noise, we believe silence is gold”.

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