WATCH: Scintillating shots from Nick Kyrgios, Gael Monfils, and co

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Nick Kyrgios in action

Are you feeling bored today and looking to liven up your Saturday? Then take a look at these incredible shots from Nick Kyrgios, Gael Monfils, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and co.

Monfils will certainly catch your attention with his cheeky underarm to catch Daniil Medvedev out. The Frenchman delivered a precise underarm serve, leaving Medvedev almost no time to react, forcing an error from the Russian star.

Through the tennis years, we have seen loads of earth-shattering shots that have been incredible to behold. But on the odd occasion, we see controlled and technically pure shots from our stars.

Alexander Bublik showed off his composure with his shot at 38 seconds into the video. The Russian delivered a well-placed shot to win a point over Casper Ruud, leaving the commentator to say, “Oh, that’s a clever shot. He is an inventive player.” We can certainly agree that Bublik showed us what he has up his sleeve.

Kyrgios has always been entertaining to watch, and in this shot, he will undoubtedly stun you with this moment of magic. The Australian star delivered the perfect soft-handed shot that left his opponent with no option but to concede the point.

Killer Kyrgios strikes again with a brilliant ace. The 27-year-old sent an unexpected underarm strike that not only took his opponent by surprise but also everyone in attendance.

You’ll certainly fall in love with Monfils after this peach of a strike. The 36-year-old baited his opponent with a smash shot, only to quickly change his mind, delivering an incredible soft-handed shot one minute and 50 seconds into the video. You can tell by his celebration that even he was amazed with himself as he pulled out some dance moves.

Filip Krajinovic burst into the video with his own piece of cheekiness. The Serbian showed off his skill by executing a brilliant soft-handed shot to stun his opponent and leaving the commentator to say, “Oh, cheeky.” We have to agree on this one because that shot was nasty.

Quickly racing in with a fast reaction is Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek star had to adapt to a brilliant shot from his opponent; fortunately for the 24-year-old, he was able to amaze everyone with his quick thinking. The star almost skimmed the court with his brilliant return shot to end the point, and the video off in style. “Oh, well, he had to adapt there. Wonderful bit of improvisation from Stef Tsitsipas,” said the commentator, because that shot was beautifully executed.

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