WATCH: ‘World No 1’ Jannik Sinner’s priceless response to ‘unforced error’ during press conference

Shahida Jacobs
Jannik Sinner light-hearted moment
Jannik Sinner of Italy is seen laughing after his tennis match

Jannik Sinner had the Miami Open press conference attendees in stitches with a brilliant response to a question from the moderator following his title run.

The Italian defeated Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets in the final on Sunday to win his third trophy of the 2024 season as he also won titles at the Australian Open and Rotterdam Open.

His latest success also helped him to secure a new milestone in the ATP Rankings as he climbed to No 2 for the first time in his career – becoming the first Italian man or woman to achieve the feat in tennis – with only Novak Djokovic now ahead of him.

The moderator at the Miami Open got ahead of himself after the match as he stated in his question that Sinner would be the new world No 1 when the rankings were updated on Monday.

Sinner, though, handled it like a pro that he is as he called it an “unforced error” from the moderator.

Here is the full transcript of the funny incident.

Q: What is more important for you, your first title in Miami after two finals or being No. 1 in the rankings tomorrow?


THE MODERATOR: “No 2, sorry. (Laughter)”

JANNIK SINNER: “Unforced error. (Laughter) No, for sure it means a lot to me, but more importantly, it was a great performance for me, especially in that semi-final and final, which for me it’s more important.

“Being No 2, it’s an amazing feeling. I never thought to come to this point. I come from a very normal family. My dad is still working, as my mom, too. For me, it’s, you know, sport is one thing, and life is different.

“I’m very happy to be in this position. I’m just enjoying every moment. These are special days winning a tournament. Doesn’t matter what kind of tournament, it’s a special day. It means a lot to me.”

But perhaps his answer to the next question summed up just why he was able to handle that “unforced error” so brilliantly as the 22-year-old explained how his calm and focused demeanour has been key to his success.

“You go through, when you’re young, you don’t handle these situations as I handle them now. Maybe in the future I handle them even better, I don’t know,” he said.

“But my personality is very trying to stay calm. But in the other way, you have to don’t sit back. You have to attack it. You know, if I lose the match by attacking and trying to take it, for me it’s better than standing back and then seeing what’s happening. That’s also how I am.

“So you have to stay focused, you know, mentally in every situation. On the courts, many things can happen. The momentum can switch so fast even if you’re up a set and break. So you have to be very aware of this.”

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